Nacka Skoglund

Here’s a funny project! I did a portrait of swedish football legend Lennart “Nacka” Skoglund for a football card game called Kampion. Nacka was from Stockholm and is probably the biggest legend of my home team Hammarby, although he played for some other teams also, Inter and Palermo in Italy, and some other insignificant teams as well. ;)


My problem was that I wanted the whole thing to feel really “Hammarby”, which means green and white. But unfortunately, Hammarby back when Nacka played there (in the 50′s), they where yellow and black, and I also wanted to stay true to the facts, so I gave him a authentic shirt and a green & white background instead.


without the text.


I also did this 3 tone version, I thought about making a screenprinted poster of it, but havent got around to it yet. Maybe I will do it soon if there’s any interest!